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EP020 • Floor Finish

PRO • LINK • ECO PRO Fini The Pro-Link Pro-Eco Flooring is a product favoring the environment that has a mirrored surface that can be ice, polished, or maintained by a program ” brush and reapply. ” Easy to maintain, it resists stains and heel marks, and meets the standards slip products. 4 L formats and bucket 20 L.

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EP022 • Fini a plancher sans zinc

This Zinc-Free Floor Finish is an environmentally preferred product That Delivers a high gloss, durable fl oor fi nish. It Can Be UHS burnished, buffed gold has maintained through scrub and Recoat program. Easily maintained, is durable, stain resistant and black mark, meets standard for slip resistance.


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• EP030 Relustrant Finishes for Floors

The Relustrant for fi ned to floors PRO • LINK • ECO PRO is a product favoring the Environment which is used as is. This economic relustrant is designed to restore, easily and without much effort, fi nished, enhancing the luster of fi ned without brush, strip and rebuild the surface. It removes dirt and érafl ures, enhances the luster and increases the lifespan. 4 L formats and bucket 20 L.


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EP025 • Stripper finished floors

The Stripper finished floors PRO • LINK • ECO PRO is a concentrated product favoring the environment. When diluted this economical cleaner low odor penetrates easily and effi ciently accumulations fi ned to floor without zinc and without conventional mechanical brushing. 4 L formats and bucket 20 L.

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PF200 • Force

Un décapant de dire à haut rendement. Convient à tous les programmes de décapage pour plancher. Formats de 4 L et seau de 20 L.

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