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Floor Pads

A Complete Solution for Floor, Hand and Utility Pads

When the floors in your facility look worn down and dull, everyone entering your facility notices. Using the right floor pad is a critical component for any facility’s floor care maintenance program.

Pro-Link’s floor, hand and utility pads now feature Full Cycle™ Enhanced Biodegradation, making them the best choice for facilities concerned about the environment. They reduce the impact on the environment by using recycled materials and shipping in cartons containing at least 45% recycled materials. All pads are manufactured in a facility with state-of-the-art equipment to minimize environmental impacts. And, with Full Cycle™ – the pads rapidly biodegrade in anaerobic landfills into humus (a soil-like residue), carbon dioxide, and methane. These methane emissions can be considered a green energy as they can be captured and used for fuel when disposed of in facilities that have conversion capabilities.

Pro-Link offers a complete line of floor pads – in round and rectangular shapes – to ensure your floors always look great:
•Buffing, Cleaning & Scrubbing
•Specialty Pads
•Twister™ Diamond Cleaning Pads
•Maroon Wood Prep
•Maroon Eco
•X-Out Melamine Pads
•Microfiber Pads

We also offer sand screens, a complete line of hand and utility pads, and sponges to meet your facility’s complete requirements.

View our brochures below:
• Floor Maintenance  Pads
Full Cycle™ Enhanced Biodegradation Green Floor Pads